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Steve Doan Law has the right mix of legal experience and technical savvy to help you achieve your legal goals.

On The Cutting Edge Of The Law

The legal process can be difficult and confusing. In the midst of a real-time society motivated by change, our complicated legal system often lags behind. However, there is a new generation of attorneys who thrive in this complex system of social networks and streamlined data, and Steve Doan Law is leading the way.

Using Every Tool Available
To Advance Your Interests

Steve embraces new technology to drastically speed up the legal process. He readily navigates social media platforms to find supporting evidence, analyzes digital records, and sources legal databases to discover the most recent changes in case law that can lead to victory.

Steve practices in the areas of personal injury, real estate law, domestic relations, estate planning and probate, and criminal defense. While more “experienced” attorneys take a cookie cutter approach to litigation; Steve tailors a personalized legal approach to fit every scenario based on his client’s situation.

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